Ground Squirrel

We’ve all seen squirrels chewing nervously on nuts, seeds and other food. Generally, the term “Squirrel” includes the species of tree squirrels and ground squirrels. Generally, they are very curious and extremely persistent. Anyone that has experience with bird feeders can attest to that. Some are even so curious that they become tame and unafraid of humans. Some brave people even like to feed them out of their hand but we definitely do not recommend this behavior because no matter how tame. Squirrels are still wild animals that may be carrying diseases such as the deadly bubonic plague. A 7 year old girl caught the “Black Death” by merely burying a dead squirrel that she found on a camping trip in Colorado. Luckily, a quick thinking doctor was able to save her from certain death. The point of this story is to make sure that you understand the dangers of these cute creatures but you most certainly don’t need to run away screaming when you see one. Although you should be weary of having direct contact with squirrels and other rodents, you should also be weary of coming in contact with their dried urine and droppings. Campers in Yosemite were exposed to hantavirus that was in the air because of unusually hot, dry and windy conditions. Hantavirus is not contagious to humans and typically only infects rodents, but it is just another reminder to be aware of rodents.

Homeowners that like to attract birds have almost certainly seen squirrels trying to get the seeds. They will stop at nothing to get to them. There are some funny and amazing videos on you tube about squirrel obstacle courses that people have built. There is also a whole industry that was created by people that are trying new ways to keep the bushy tailed creatures from getting all their seeds. An even bigger concern is the little critters getting into your attic or other places in your home. Squirrels can use their sharp teeth and keen sense of smell to find food and will chew through plastic and even metal to get to food. They are also known to set up their nests (called a “drey”) in sheds, attics and basements and cause lots of damage, odors and leave their “droppings” for you to deal with.

We are experts in exclusionary tactics. That means we identify places where creatures can get in and we are able to seal them effectively so that the squirrels simply decide to go elsewhere. We know that putting out fake owls and scarecrows, flashing lights, ultrasonic devices, etc don’t work. Squirrels are smart and they learn that they are of no danger so they just ignore them. Besides exclusion, Trapping is an excellent way to get rid of squirrels. We put food that they like in the traps and capture them so we can relocate them to an area far away from your home.

If you are experiencing squirrels and wish to get rid of them, don’t hesitate to give Benchmark Pest Control a call.