Burrowing rodents carry and spread disease, they can cause damage to your property and can quickly damage or even destroy your landscaping, crops, and structures. Benchmark Pest Control is proud to announce that we have built a few machines that can eradicate rodents and their burrows, often without the use of poisonous bait. The biggest problem with using poisonous bait is that your pets, livestock and children could possibly get into the bait and that would be very bad.

We take our equipment to wherever your problem is. We have ATV’s also so we can reach harder-to-access areas. This machine pictured above creates Carbon Monoxide which is pumped into the burrows and stays there ( Carbon Monoxide is heavier than air). The rodents are then suffocated and die. This is a new method that is not harmful to pets or livestock and is proven to be very effective in exterminating rodents.

Agricultural Rodent Control

Burrowing rodents can be a big nuisance and can cause damage to your crops. They could even injure horses and other livestock. Burrows interfere with irrigation and create gaps all over your farm property. Aside from the danger they pose to horses, gopher-infested pastures can see losses anywhere from 10-45%. Gophers may also dull the blades on cutting machinery and contaminate hay bales. Squirrels also eat the tips off of irrigation bubblers to gain access to water.

The most important thing is to identify what rodents you have. Eradication techniques differ, depending on what type of rodent you have. Ground Squirrels for example, live in colonies and make larger holes. Pocket Gophers are more solitary but create lots of dirt mounds and their burrow system can cover up to 2000 sq/ft We will help you come up with a strategy that is the most effective and economical for your farm.