Here in Bakersfield and the surrounding areas, we don’t get what is considered a “true” winter. It very rarely snows and doesn’t usually get much below freezing. This winter, however, with El Niño coming on stronger than normal, we are expected to get a lot of rain. When it rains, everyone from bugs to rodents to wild animals does whatever they can to get out of the wet stuff. That means even before the rain starts, they will try to find a place to nest in your home or other building.

Here are 3 things you can do to prevent Pest Control in Bakersfield:

Prune your trees

Roof rats can jump extremely far. They are able to climb up a tree and out to one of the branches to get into your attic. If you don’t make sure your trees are pruned back at least 6 feet away from your home, they are able to make that jump and set up shop in your cozy warm attic. It doesn’t take long for them to get out of control and before you know it, you can have an infestation in your attic. Keeping your trees pruned away from your home is the easiest preventative step you can take.

Clear out extra vegetation

In the fall, leaves drop from deciduous trees. They can create big messes around your home or other buildings. If left undisturbed, this vegetation can become a nice home for some common pests that we encounter. Vegetation can provide shelter for lots of different creatures but especially bugs. Make sure you clear out dead leaves with a rake, and trim your shrubs back away from your home so that there are no easy places for pests to set up their winter home.

Seal openings around pipes

Areas around pipes are a great way for bugs to enter your home to create their safe winter nest. Cockroaches can fit through the tiniest of holes and start to breed inside your walls. Like lots of other pests, it doesn’t take long for them to breed and multiply. Before long, you’re going to be dealing with an infestation.

Benchmark Pest Control is very good at finding these holes and sealing them up for you. We’re also very good at dealing with infestations but we prefer to help you prevent them in the first place. Give us a call today to schedule an appointment.

Check your weatherstripping

Weatherstripping is great stuff. It helps seal your home so that heat doesn’t escape through the cracks in the doors and windows. It also helps keep pests out. Make sure you check and fix any weatherstripping that looks worn or isn’t sealing properly. It can make all the difference in your utility bill and whether or not pests can enter your home or building. Putting screens over vents can also help keep pests out. If you need any assistance or want us to check for you, give us a call.

These simple yet effective measures you can take could make the difference between having a pest free winter or having your house infested with bugs, rodents, or any other assortment of wild animals.

If you do have any issues with wild animals and you need our animal trapping services, please let us know immediately.