There’s a rumor going around the internet about a winged spider, the dreaded Volat-Araneus, that can fly and of course land on people. These rumors have turned up in the UK, and the US and traveled via email and social media to attack unsuspecting and gullible readers with various levels of arachnophobia. Some crafty tricksters use them as “click bait” which is posting a fake article to drive traffic to their website so they can collect money for ads.

Flying Winged Spiders

We are spider experts here at Benchmark and we can tell you with 100% certainty that there is no such thing as a winged flying spider. A clever photoshop job and a few frightening paragraphs aren’t enough proof for us because we know it’s impossible.

What is not only possible but extremely common, is something spiders do that is called kiting or Ballooning. It occurs after spiders hatch and it’s quite common in the spring. The spider climbs as high as it can then releases some of it’s silk to form a type of parachute and gets carried away by updrafts from the wind.

Since they’re so small, even a slight breeze can carry them. Most of the time they only go a few meters before they land, but if they get caught up into a jet stream, they may travel long distances. Sailors have reported spiders being caught in their sails many hundreds of miles from land. It is the most common way for spiders to invade isolated islands and mountain tops.

Since it is spring right now and the weather is getting warm, we’re noticing a lot more spider activity and we’re getting lots of calls for spiders. We do a great job controlling them so they don’t invade your home, restaurant or office. When we come out, we take down visible webs from eaves and anywhere else we find them, then we use material that gives you protection from these 8 legged critters.

We can handle whole stadiums too which is where spiders like to set up shop. Black Widows like to hide in the seats and wait for their next meal to come around. We’ve kept local baseball stadiums free from black widows, and other species of spiders for many years now. Nobody expects to get bitten by a spider when they watch a baseball game and that’s because Benchmark Pest Control has done the job right! If you or anybody you know has a spider problem (or any other pest for that matter) that needs to be controlled, give Benchmark Pest Control a call today!