Benchmark does Pest Control in Bakersfield and the areas surrounding Kern County, but we also do a lot of wild animal removal and trapping. There are areas of Kern County with a lot of wild animal activity such as squirrels, bats, raccoons, rodents, skunks, snakes, and even badgers and red foxes. These are wild animals and we don’t recommend that you try to approach or trap them on your own without any experience. Benchmark has been trapping animals for over 15 years. We have a variety of different traps and methods to capture the animal and relocate it far away from your property.

Animal Removal and TrappingOur traps are safe and humane. We entice the animal into the trap with food or something that might make it curious and we often times have to disguise the trap for smarter animals. Usually we will set the traps, then come back the next day to see what we’ve caught. Most of the time it doesn’t take long for the traps to be successful. We will get rid of your problem quickly and efficiently.

We do need to know what type of animal that we are dealing with or trying to trap before we can decide the best traps and bait to use to effectively catch the animal. We pretty much only use traps on animals that have fur. When we have a situation where there is an unwanted snake whether it may be poisonous or not, we have a special tool to capture the snake and get it away from you and your property.

Bats are in a special class because they are protected species. Bats cannot be killed but they also have to be removed from places that you don’t want them to nest. Bats can sometimes get into the attic area or some other type of enclosed space. To effectively get rid of bats, we have to wait until they leave the nest, then close up and secure their entry point(s) with various exclusion techniques so that they are unable to return. Once the bats are unable to return, they will go find another place to go sleep or nest.

If you have any unwanted animals that need to be removed or trapped, give us a call. We can help.